My Trip to French Lick Indiana at the West Baden Springs Hotel

By now you have heard that I am currently signed under Turquoise Morning Press and that we had the official signing of the contracts at the West Baden Springs Hotel in French Lick Indiana. Well, now I'd like to show you just how beautiful a place it was and how being there made it that much more special for me.

To start off, Kim Jacobs, owner of Turquoise Morning Press, arranged for a private "meet and greet" in the library of the West Baden Hotel where she made the announcement to all about TMP signing me for a three-book contract deal. Here are some spectacular pictures from that night:

Rita Mackin Fox, Kim Jacobs, and Renee Vincent
(above photo by Author Jennifer Johnson)

Kim Jacobs of Turquoise Morning Press & Renee Vincent
(above photo by Author Jennifer Johnson)

Renee Vincent signing TMP contracts
(above photo by Author Rita Mackin Fox)

The place where we stayed and attended the Career Writer Workshop was at the French Lick Resort and Casino. Again, it was such a lovely place. And literally breathtaking as you walked through its entryway.
See for yourself:

This picture was taken out my window. What a gorgeous view!
I highly recommend going to visit both the


Viking Princess said...

Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Virginia C said...

Thanks for sharing your great news and fabulous photos! AWESOME : )

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Renee Vincent said...

My pleasure Viking Princess and Virginia! Thanks for dropping by to check them out.

And honestly...the pics do NOT do the place justice! You cannot grasp the large scale of this beautiful and magical building through simple photos. Only in person can you truly understand its architectural splendor!

And, I must say, it is such a romantic place as well...a romance author could very well get "lost" in there.

Tonya Kappes said...

Man...I'm feeling a little left out. I can't believe I missed the big NEWS!!! I am so proud of you Renee. That is great news and it's great that it's with Kim!

Didn't you love love love the Edith Ann chairs in the atrium.

Renee Vincent said...

Yes! The whole atrium was just breathtaking! And honestly, I have yet to come up with a suitable word to describe the whole evening. The only thing that comes to mind is "Magical". Yet, it's
100x better than that!

Thanks for checking out the pics dear!

librarypat said...

What a lovely place. I had never heard of it before. Will have to check this place out next time we are traveling in that direction.
Signing in such a lovely place made it all the more special. Congratulations!

Renee Vincent said...

Thank you librarypat for the well wishes. And yes it is such a grand place to stay. So romantic...