Interview and Contest with Sam Bond

As you all may know, today is an extremely special day here at PAST THE PRINT. Sam Bond, the sexy cover model on countless romance books, is here for his very first interview (when it comes to romance novels, that is.)

He's the spokesperson for MaxiMuscle, a body builder, and a former Gladiator named "Atlas." He's graced my cover for RÆLIKSEN, and will also grace the cover of THE FALL OF RAIN in December 2011. And now, he's giving us the opportunity to get to know the man behind the muscle on the covers. Please make welcome, Sam Bond.

Hello Sam. What an immense pleasure it is to have you on my blog this week! As you can see, your Alpha male persona is a commonality around here. We are all big fans of yours. So, please, make yourself at home.

Thank you, Renee.

Let’s begin with an easy question, shall we? As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I had no idea and I still have no idea.
You have competed in and won numerous bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Which one has meant the most to you?
I competed in my first contest when I was 20years old. It came at the end of my first year of university (college) and I won it. Everything had gone so well and I had had such a great year which culminated in this success on stage. I was very thankful for the support I had received from loved ones I remember.

In 2008, the notorious TV show, Gladiators, had made a return and you were chosen to be “Atlas.” Can you tell us how this came about?
Well I was sleeping in one morning knowing that I was going to be late for work when the phone rang. My Aunty informed me there was to be a new series of Gladiators and so I set about trying to contact the producers. I was invited to try-outs and successfully passed several auditions and within no time at all found myself scantily dressed and smiling for the cameras.
From your website, it states that you were a charity fundraiser. What a wonderful thing for you to have done. Can you tell us what charity you supported and why?
Between years at university, during the summer holidays, I used to lifeguard on the beaches in Bournemouth (my home town). The lifeguard service was run by a charity called the RNLI who provide a rescue lifeboat service all around the coast of the UK. I heard about a role in their marketing department following university and went to work for them for just over a year. It was our job to raise over £20million each year. It was nice to know you were working for a great cause but the money wasn’t right and won’t often be in the third sector (charity work).

You’ve done so much in your life…what is next for you?
That’s very kind of you to say but truthfully it feels like I haven’t done a lot at all. I’ve just returned from three months backpacking around South East Asia which was fabulous. Now I need to find a career and start earning some money.

Is there anything you haven’t tried that you’d like to tackle one day?
I suspect there isn’t enough room on this site to accommodate a thorough answer to this question. The ultimate goal is to have a family which I imagine will be the biggest challenge, reward and adventure I will ever undertake.

And now it’s time for a few questions I know my readers are very interested in. We'll ease into the good stuff with some quickies (pardon the pun):
Satin or Lace? Satin
Hot or Cold? Hot hot hot
Denim or Leather? Why not both?
Talking or Texting? Talking always
Thunder or Lightning? Don’t they come together? Perhaps thunder then.
Front seat or Back seat? It depends where I am going.
Dark eyes or Light eyes? That depends on what’s behind them.
The sound of a heartbeat or a crackling fire? Every man likes to play with fire.
Sleeping bag or Bed? Bed
Dinner or Movie? Dinner – it’s the way to a man’s heart don’t forget.
Holding hands or Holding her attention? I don’t mind what I’m holding.
Red or Black? Red
Crayons or Paint? Are we referring to body paint at all?
Mountains or Beach? Beach – and the sandier the better.
Rain or Sunshine? Sunshine
Picnic in the park or Dancing in the club? I’m not a very good dancer but I always give it a good go.
Silk sheets or Cotton sheets? Cotton sheets I reckon.

Are you a morning person or a night-owl?
Neither, try to catch me around midday when I am most awake.

What are some of your favorite pastimes?
Riding my motorcycle on a sunny spring day, being with close friends, EATING. Oh, I do love good food.

Are you single?
I am dating a wonderful young lady called Emily whom I probably don’t deserve.

What is your favorite asset on a woman and why?
Long hair. I don’t have anything against short hair, but I find long hair on a lady very sexy.

Do you consider yourself a romantic?
I do, but others may not. I once hid some earrings in a Kinder Egg (a hollow, egg shaped chocolate confectionary item) for Emily. I even melted the chocolate carefully and put it back together so that you wouldn’t know I had been inside. She lost them shortly afterwards. Perhaps I bought the wrong pair?

Where is your favorite place in the world to visit?
Well I haven’t seen them all but I really enjoyed an island in Thailand called Ko Lanta. Other than that, my home town of Bournemouth is a beautiful place and I know all the secret secluded spots.

Have you ever said anything to a woman you’ve regretted?
This is something I do most days – its something of a habit. I once gave the wrong answer to “does this make me look fat?” though. Whoops.

What are some things you look for in a woman?
Intelligence, quick wit, good looks, ambition, curiosity, charm and the ability to cook or at least enjoy good food.

What traits impress you the most?
All of the above. But I really find quick wit a turn on.

What things turn you off?
Dog hairs. I once dated a girl who was dog-sitting this huge American Bulldog. Not only did it frighten me close to death and was envious of me sharing her bed but when I did finally win the war and kick it out of the room, I had to contend with a blanket full of smelly dog hairs. This is not ok.

How does it feel to know you are the covers of countless romance books?
My attention was brought to this only a month ago or so. I had no idea about it. I think it’s great. The images used have been bought from a photographer who kindly offered a shoot for free if we could both use the images. I took him up on the offer and have enjoyed using the shots he captured. I’m really glad he got a little something out of it too. It’s also flattering beyond all belief of course.

I’m certain, with your striking good looks and amazing body, you get all kinds of fans running up to you and wanting your autograph. What’s the craziest thing a fan has asked you to do or admitted doing themselves?
It’s certainly not as you describe it but there was a period of about 3 weeks where I had a fan contact me by email (through my website) every day asking me the most bizarre questions? These questions weren’t always sexual though which was actually the most alarming thing. I’m fairly certain it was a man and he would ask me peculiar things like “do you have hairy feet?”, “what’s it like to have to shave your chest?” and “do you get along well with your mother?”. I never responded but I did spend some time thinking about how on earth I would go about answering those questions diplomatically.

Here are some of the many romance covers that feature Sam Bond as the cover model:

If you want to see more romance novel covers that feature him, you can visit this fan site blog dedicated to Sam Bond.

Just to let everyone know, it was Sam's idea to sign my book, RÆLIKSEN, and send it to the winner. So realize, with him living in the UK, it will take a few weeks before the winner receives the autographed book and the Sam Bond photograph. But I think it will be well worth the wait since the winner will have a collector's item with both the author and the cover model signing it.

In order to win these two unique gifts, all you have to do is leave a comment or question for Sam in the comments section of this post. One lucky winner (Oh so lucky!) will be randomly drawn and announced here on Valentine's Day. 
In order to get in touch with the winner and acquire their home address privately, I MUST have your email address along with your comment/question for Sam.

*Contest ends midnight, February 13, 2011!

(Remember, there is a big time difference for Sam, so he may not answer your questions right away or even that day. Be patient though...he will get to them. And don't forget to check back on Wednesday! Sam Bond is the WAKE-ME-UP WEDNESDAY feature for this week. Trust me, you do not want to miss him.)


Virginia C said...

I love it when a plan comes together! Great interview Sam and Renee! I am not only a reader, but someone who also has an interest in the production and publishing aspects of romantic fiction. There are always many fascinating aspects in "the story behind the story". Sam, you've got personality and humor to go along with your looks and physical appeal. Renee, you have such skill as a storyteller and a great love for the characters and the world you create for them. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Putting the two of you together along with "Raeliksen" and his world is absolutely a winning combination! "Mac Liam" is also terrific, and of course, we all look so forward to "The Fall of Rain". Kudos to you both, Sam and Renee. Well done : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee! Hi Sam!

This is a great interview. It so nice to meet you, Sam.

I noticed on your website that it said you do Natural Bodybuilding. What exactly is meant by "natural"?

I've read that many body builders go on a very strict diet before a competition. Is that true? What would be the reasoning behind that? Do you do the same, follow a strict diet before a competition?

I'm sorry, I asked more than one question. I guess I got excited.

I did think of one question that Renee didn't ask....Blondes or Brunettes?


Tina Donahue said...

He kinda looks like the Scottish hunk on the cover of your book, Renee. Now I know what I want for Christmas. :)

L. K. Below said...

You say you haven't done much in your life and then in the next breath say that you've just got back from backpacking across Southeast Asia. Yeesh. To those of us who stay in one place, that in itself is exciting!

Renee, thanks for sharing this. I found it very interesting to peek into the life of an unwitting romance novel cover artist ;)

Paige Tyler said...

Great interview!


Ivelisse said...

Awesome interview! He has graced many covers of books I have and he is wonderful.

Eliza Knight said...

Hello Renee and Sam! Great interview, quite fascinating. I love when we get to see the man behind the body. A very humorous and sweet interview. I would say Emily is a very lucky woman :) And she probably didn't lose her earings on purpose, I lose my jewelry all the time, Thanks for opening up yourself to the probing minds of romance readers and writers!

So my question for Sam is, you mention loving to eat good food, what is your favorite meal?


Renee Vincent said...

Virginia:Thank you for being here. 'Course I knew you wouldn't miss it. haha And thank you for your praise of my work. You put such a huge smile on my face.

Casey: Great questions! And no worries on how many. I only ask that you be patient and he'll get to them. Thanks for stopping, dear!

Tina: You silly! He is! That is the whole point of having him here. And btw, Tina, he is not my Scottish hunk...he's my Viking warrior. Get it straight! haha

LK Below: I know! That's what I was thinking too! Backpacking for a whole month in Asia? While I sit here grounded in the snow in KY. hahah Thanks for visiting!!!

Paige: Thanks for peeking in today. I know you are busy.

Ivelisse: It's funny you say that, cause I've bought many books just 'cause he was on them. haha

Renee Vincent said...

Eliza: Another great question! I'm loving these!
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with me and Sam today.

Laura Louise said...

Any pictures floating around of Sam with short hair?


Renee Vincent said...

Oh good question, Laura! I'll have to save that one for Sam...I know I haven't found any in my extensive search. haha

Chicks of Characterization said...

What an excellent interview!

I find it so interesting that you had NO idea that you were gracing the covers of sooooooooooo many romance novels, and becoming the object of so many woman's fantasies!!!!

You say you need a career, hmmm, maybe its all ready found you!!!

My question is, how does Emily, feel about you being such a heart throb??

I actually have one of the authors whose cover you are gracing on my blog right now!!!! Sure does class it up!! :O)

Thanks again for allowing us a glimpse into your life!

And from where I stand you've done more with your life all ready than most do in a lifetime. You should be PROUD!!!

Best wishes! Thank you again Renee!!!!


The Viking Princess said...

A great interview Renee. What a sweet man to offer to autograph Raeliksen for your contest. Sam seems like a really nice guy with a big heart and I think his Emily would say that she's lucky to have him too.

I loved best Sam's answer to your question: Is there anything you haven’t tried that you’d like to tackle one day?
"The ultimate goal is to have a family which I imagine will be the biggest challenge, reward and adventure I will ever undertake."

Yes Emily your Sam Bond is a keeper :)

Rawiya said...

Lovely interview. He is really hot...

Thank you so much for Sharing Renee

Laura Louise said...

I’m a bit square as a sucker for a military hair cut and a uniform or suit!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Very nice. Nice guy. What a sweetie for doing the interview.

Great job, Sam and Renee!

Nicole North said...

Awesome, interesting and fun interview, Sam and Renee. I enjoyed reading it and getting to know more about you, Sam. I hope one day you will be on one of my covers! :) The backpacking trip sounds like quite an adventure.

"The ultimate goal is to have a family which I imagine will be the biggest challenge, reward and adventure I will ever undertake."

Sigh. This will win you many female fans. ;)

Drea Becraft said...

Great interview both Sam and Renee.

Gotta say my fovorite questions were the short once some were such male answers that I found them quite halarious lol.

My question is: Since I Liked the short ones ;0)

Luck or Destiny?

Thanks for the interview!


Kris McConville said...

Great interview Renee - it is great to learn about the man behind the beautiful body. Sam you are really an intelligent and thoughtful man. Great answers to the questions.

I wish you nothing but success in your future career whatever it may be but plleeaasssee continue to do covers as well. :-)

Also I think it's great that you are into charity fundraising and what an awesome charity that is.

as for my question - what made you take the backpacking trip across South Asia? Was it just something you wanted to do or was it for a project? You should do a memoir of your trip - hopefully you took lots of pictures..

Really nice to meet you Sam. Thanks Renee..

Sarah Hoss said...

Today is my 38th birthday and I can not think of a better way to spend a portion of it then with the two of you! Great interview Renee and thank you so much Sam for taking the time out fo your busy day to be with us. It is wonderful to see how down to Earth you are.

I am wondering that since you have seen yourself on the cover of romance books and knowing what a huge market it is, are you interested in doing more of this type of work?

Can't wait for the pictures tomorrow!

Sam Bond said...

Thank you for the lovely comments. It’s all very flattering.

To Casey Sheridan:
The term natural means drug free where bodybuilding is concerned. Americans tend to use it more superficicially and will refer to themselves as natural simply if they are not using drugs right at that moment in time, but over in the UK, the term means strictly drug free. The federations I compete with stipulate how long one must be drug free for before they are considered naturally trained. One federations says 10 years, another says it’s a lifelong thing.

Bodybuilders do diet for a contest yes. When onstage, a physique will look bigger and better the more lean it is. So bodybuilders attempt to lose all fat right before a show.

To Eliza:
I try to avoid that question as it causes immense emotional turmoil....... I mean, do I prefer chocolate or cake? And what of chocolate? There are so many. And what sort of cake are we referring to? I like cake but I don’t buy it often but that said I like cake when I haven’t had it for a while. I haven’t had pizza for a little while either and that might just be my favourate food. But do I prefer Pizza to burgers since I shouldn’t really eat pizza as they have cheese on and I shouldn’t eat dairy produce. Now if I’m not avoiding dairy produce anymore maybe I can sample some of my mother’s homemade lasagne? That might just be the best tasting food ever...............and so on. So you see, Eliza, it’s best not to ask.

To Casey Sheridan:
Blondes or Brunettes? That’s only two options out of a potential choice of many hair colours so I couldn’t possibly limit myself like that. Emily is Brunette by the way.

To Laura Louise:
I haven’t had short hair for about 8 years now. I started growing it just when I started to workout and was working as a lifeguard on the beaches. I have this great picture of me as a skinny short haired teenager picking up a dead jelly fish on the beach one day at work. Sadly it’s not electronic so you will have to use your imaginations.

To Chicks of Characterisation:
Modelling work and work in that sort of industry is fun but the term “feast or famine” is apt. I can’t rely on it so it will be something I do for fun in my free time if and when I see fit. Thank you for saying I should be proud though.

The truth is, Emily gets far more attention from men than I do from women. So to answer the right question, I deal with it quite well thanks. The therapist is giving me great savings on block bookings and I even have my own coffee mug at the clinic.

Christina Wolfer said...

Wonderful interview and amazing that the two of you could hook up for this.

My question is in reference to your goal of having a family. How many children do you want?

Elaina Lee said...

So I've been told it'll be more effective to beg you for a site dedicated to just stock pics of you if it comes from a cover artists. *grin* So... here I am, a cover artist, letting you know how difficult it is to find good looking, built blond men for covers. It's down right impossible. With clothes on, or without, doesn't seem to matter if one could just be found. :-) Seriously consider doing a personal stock photo venture. You'd make a lot of women very, very happy. Shoot, look at how well Jimmy Thomas has done. Only, he not Adonis *wink*.

Thanks for listening!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Well Sam, you certainly have attracted a lot of people here today.
I love your girlfriend's name, Emily.
You have acomplished so much in your life but I can't help but wonder, what is the one adventure you would like to have that you have never done before? Sort of the thing that's at the top of your bucket list.
I can't imagine this but, do you ever get tired of hearing people say how handsome you are?
I know that you put a great deal of time and effort into maintaining a strong body and good physique because it's part of your career to do so but I just wonder, what would you like to be doing after you retire?
I wish you all the best in your wonderful and exciting career, Sam.

The Viking Princess said...

Thanks for stopping by Sam.
Have you ever traveled to the United States? If you could plan a trip for fun to America where would you like to visit?

Nina Pierce said...

Sam, what a wonderful interview. Thank you so much for taking time to hang out here today. Your very hunky self graces my cover "A Touch of Lilly" and you'll be pleased to know it's finalled in a book cover contest. It'll be months before I hear if it wins, but it's my favorite book cover to date.(And one of my fave stories with a sequel in the works.)

It was really fun to find out about the man behind the model. Your Emily is a very lucky woman indeed. (And I'm with Elaina, there aren't very many blond models out there and your pics are soooo drool-worthy! Please think about doing more.)

Rie McGaha said...

Great interview Renee! And so nice to see you, Sam. You've got that whole Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall going on there. Very nice. And you got this old woman's blood pumping this morning...always good to know I'm still alive! :)

Cindy L said...

Umm Renee...are you sure he isn't Daegan? Or maybe a descendant of his?
"I am dating a wonderful young lady called Emily whom I probably don’t deserve." Awww
"I even melted the chocolate carefully and put it back together so that you wouldn’t know I had been inside." Is he perfect for your cover or what?
Sam I loved all of your answers and you seem like a really sincere guy! So glad Renee had you here today! My questions are have you ever considered acting and since you like food so much how are your cooking skills?

Renee, you should have Sam back for a visit! Totally enjoyed this post and his responses to our comments were perfect! I hope we didn't drool too much on your page! ;)


Deanna Jewel said...

Renee and Sam - WOW! How kewl is it that you get the cover model with you to do an interview AND sign the book? Great interview! Sam, thank you for the answers and allowing us to see inside the've swept us all off our feet and into fantasy land...*wink*

Emily - I know you'll take good care of him. Hang in there with us 'fans' as we really mean no harm, be the 'one' who actually gets to run her fingers over that chest and along that jaw line.....mmmm.....okay! LOL

Sam....Thanks so much, my cover model for my English historical, No Turning Back, lives in London so...if you have any pull or connection with Sonny, I'd love for him to contact me for an interview just like this one! LOL

Lizzie Walker said...

Renee, I enjoyed your blog very much today. Thank you for sharing with your fellow writers and fans. I can't wait to read Raeliksen! I would have to say, that as a writer I think it is important that readers know the cover model on the front of the book. I would like to see more props given to the men and women who grace our covers.

Sam, it was a pleasure getting to know you outside of the bodybuilding and television environment. It's nice to know that there is wit and intelligence behind the sexy visage.

I must confess that I am not really into bodybuilding. However, I did learn to lift weights from a female weightlifter when I used to train for my 1/2 marathons and 8ks. It helped me to build my core muscles of which I was very thankful. The longer the mileage of the run the easier it is to break form and have your trunk collapse. I also found that weight lifting helped my speed and my endurance for the long haul.

My questions to you are regarding training. Have you ever considered adding endurance training into your routine? This would be of course after you have moved on from the Bodybuilding circuit. I would imagine that endurance training would take your muscle mass down considerably but I'm not sure since I'm not knowledgeable about bodybuilding. If you do endurance training, how much of it is aerobic and how much of it is anaerobic?

Thanks in advance for taking the time out of you busy schedule to chat with us and answer our questions.

Becke Davis said...

Fabulous interview!

Sam - it's fun to meet you! I've heard a lot about you, mainly from your Number One fan: Renee!

Renee - I bet you haven't stopped grinning all day!

Keri Ford said...

So. *pulls out ink and paper* Do you have hairy feet? This is a serious question and could be a dealbreaker here for your otherwise adorable charm.


Sorry, couldn't help it. Who ASKS those kinds of things??? I think I would have deleted that email and moved on. Fun interview, Renee! Thanks for having Sam on the blog!

Sarah Hoss said...

Tooo funny! Sam, your comment about the Therapist is cracking me up. Whit, brains, and good looks..... Gracious! What's a girl to do?

Renee Vincent said...

Becke: How did you guess?! No, my smile has not left my face today. Even my husband called me this afternoon to see how I was doing (knowing Sam was here) and he just laughed so hard when I answered the phone with an obvious joyousness in my voice. His reply was, "I just wanted to check on you and see how your day was." As if ANYTHING could bring me down from the clouds right now.
Thanks for visiting Becke!!!

Qwillia Rain said...

Excellent interview and wonderful responses.

In regard to your university career, what did you study there and you mention only one year, did you complete your program or have you chosen to take some time away before finishing?

sorry, the teacher in me is rearing it's ugly head. LOL

Kris Tualla said...

Sam - I write Norse heroes and am DESPERATE for blond models! Have you done any more shoots that I can buy photos from? (I noticed the covers shown used a lot of versions of the same shoot...)

THANKS! Loved the interview BTW!

"Norway is the new Scotland!"

JoJo said...

First of all Squeeeeeeeee

*clears throat* Ok now that I have that out of my system LOL Hi Renee and Sam!What a wonderful interview!

@Renee you Rock as Always!

@Sam - I would first like to let you know you are My header on my blog. no not in my header, you ARE my header LOL and you were my last months HOTTIE of the Month!

You know i had to Renee ;0)

So my question is...What's under that KILT?!?! *snickers* No No
I'm just kidding. What I would like to know is I see in your interview that you didn't know about being on the cover of romance novels, and being the girl that I am , as so many other women are, I buy so many books by their cover. How does it feel knowing people buy books because of you on the cover?

Thank you so much Renee and Sam for making my Tuesday awesome!


Celtic Chick said...

When I saw the subject header 'cover model Sam Bond is here' I just had to come have a look.

Hi Sam,
I was pleasantly surprised to see that you have long hair. It's also nice to hear that a man prefers talking to texting. Very cool.
Will have to add you to my long hair hotties feature. Don't ever cut your hair.

Best Wishes

Lizzie Walker said...

Renee, you mean your husband didn't come over there in person and ask how you were doing? nudge-nudge, wink-wink. LOL

After my boyfriend saw my Man Candy Posting yesterday, there was a lot of "honey, you know I love you right?" going on. Just kidding.

BJ said...

OK so I'm actually surprised...!!!
I didn't get the vibe of "I'm totally in to myself" and That makes me like you even more...Kudos!!!!!
I'm glad I stopped by today, it was a rather nice inside into your life.
So my question would be- What kind of job are you going for now??

I wish you and Emily all the Best :)

Skhye said...

Excellent answers, Mr. Bond! My 5-yr old daughter says you look like a Viking. This led to a cultural study and history lesson of which led to her asking about your trip to SE Asia. She would like to know if you saw the Sea Gypsies or the Padaung on your big adventure? Here's a link just in case no one knows what my daughter is referring to...

~The Crazy Anthropologist who just found gobs of new novels to go read!!! ;)

The Viking Princess said...

I think if Sam's girlfriend Emily is any good with a camera she should take a bunch of photo's of Sam. This way Sam can create his own stock photo profile and add them.

Harlie Reader said...

Great interview. He is humble as he is nice. Plus, he looks good. One question for Sam, how long do you think that you will continue in weightlifting/body building?

Brenna Ash said...

Awesome interview. I really enjoyed reading it. I love that you do natural body-building. I find that much more attractive then the builders that use drugs to enhance their build.
Love the covers. Isn't it funny how you were gracing all these covers and didn't even realize it until later on?

Anonymous said...

I was a bit surprised by the comment that you didn't realize you were on the cover of so many romances. Did that photographer take all those pictures at one time and then use them? Have you been contacted by a publisher to do shoots for specific covers? It would just seem that you would have a bit more control over the use of your image.

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

becky j said...

Wonderful interview!

I have a question for Sam - I lived in London for a year, and I noticed that everyone drinks alot of beer (my old boss drank her weight in beer whenever we went out, lol) and people eat alot of fish and chips or meat pies. Do you have to watch what you eat alot, and do you eat these foods?

Thanks so much and have a great day!
Becky J

Lauren Fraser said...

Fantastic interview. Gotta say, reading Sam's answers and seeing what a sweetie he is makes him all the more appealing.

Now I've got to write a hunky blonde hero so I can get a cover with him on it. *grin*

JIllian Hallowell said...

What a great interview. I loved watching Gladiators when it was on.

Seeing the man behind the buff body and blond hair was really enlightening. I have to agree that Emily is a lucky lady.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do with your life, but I hope you'll continue gracing the cover of our romance novels. :)

Jillian Hallowell

Lucy Felthouse said...

Wow, this is a brilliant interview! Very different to see a cover model being interviewed - and a fellow Brit, no less!

My question is, could you share the location of one of these secluded places? I might want to visit...

Terra said...

They say that the cover is the first thing that sales a book and I believe that as a long time romance reader I am bad about checking out the cover first. So when you see a hot looking young man like Sam you can't help but stop to check out the excerpt on the back. Great interview and it was cool meeting the men on so many of the new covers. Thanks Sam and Renee for making my key board wet.

CJ said...

Great interview and most of my questions have been answered. But I have one more:the new trend in cover is to have the model's head trimmed off (completely or partially off). When looking at the final result and your head is missing, how do you feel about it and why?

Marianne Stephens said...

Love the interview. Sam, the romantic "thing" you did is precious...melting the chocolate so you could put earrings in the egg is such a great display of affection. That takes time and're a man of many qualities!
Wonderful covers!

Kim said...

What a fabulous interview. Your Emily is a very lucky woman! I wish you continued success in all your endeavors

Clancy said...

Oh, Renee - you are a goddess for bringing this god among men to our attention in a more personal way. Seriously - smart, funny, sweet, generous and romantic... oh did I forget insanely hot too. I swoon.

Witchy Woman said...

This comment may be answered by either Sam or Renee. When books are published it includes ISBN numbers, author names, genres, sometimes a credit for cover artist (if it is done digitally), but why not include the name of the cover model? Even magazine ads state the model's name, e.g. a make-up ad.

Sam you look so natural in front of the camera. Wonder if that carries over from childhood.

Raine Delight said...

Wow...what a talented guy you are Sam. I wish I could backpack around Southeast Asia. That sounds fabulous.

Renee...awesome questions.

I love the covers he is on *grins* drool worthy.

Sam, a question....With Valentine's coming up next Monday, What was the most romantic/funniest/strangest gift you ever got?

Thanks for doing this Renee and Sam.

Raine Delight said...

oops forgot my email Renee. it's

Sorry about that

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Hi Sam I love your covers but my favorite are A Tournament Knight and Besieged but the are all awesome. Renee did forget one question, lol

Boxers or Briefs??? JK You don't have to awnser that but I had to ask. Good Luck in your future endevors :)


Sky Purington said...

Loved, loved, loved the interview! Fantastic job!

Sam, I've seen your face everywhere lately. What supurb book covers and of course, quite the handsome face that graces them. I wish you much luck and happiness in all you do!

Renee, (((Big huge cyberhugs m'dear)))


Lisa Alexander Griffin said...

I would have been weirded out with a man asking me those kinds of questions. lol.

I enjoyed learning more about the man behind such beautiful book covers. Which one is your favorite of the ones listed on site?

Marisa Chenery said...

A great interview. And Sam is on two of my covers, which are posted here :).

Di said...

Enjoyed the interview and the lovely pictures. Best of luck to Sam in his future - may he have a long and happy life.

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Maeve said...

What a wonderful interview! Sam, you "sound" just as delightful as you look. I'm one of the lucky authors with your lovely image on my book. Imagine my surprise when Renee told me you were real? Would you believe I was naive enough to think you were a computerized image dreamt up by a wonderfully talented cover artist? don't "sound" like a computer image. You're not the latest alpha male video creation - are you, Sam? Some of those images are TOO realistic! ;-)

Take care and all the best to you in whatever adventure you attempt!

Danielle Gavan said...

Hi Renee and Sam! What a wonderful interview. Not only is the woman who wrote the book kind and gracious, but so is the man who graces the cover.

Sam, you must do more photo shoots so that we can all have you on our covers. :)

Renee Vincent said...

Hey everyone...just got word from Sam that he will answer your questions within the next couple days. So, stick around. He'll be popping in and out throughout the week.

And DO NOT forget that tomorrow Sam is the WMU Wednesday feature! Feel free to comment then too! I'm sure he'd appreciate the love.

Is this a great day or what?!!!

Suzanne Barrett said...

Renee and Sam:

Fantastic interview. I learned a lot. Especially about what a sweetie Sam is. I like that in a man.
Thought the answer to what is considered natural for a bodybuilder was interesting, especially since they're more stringent in the UK.

I used to work with a fellow from Bournemouth; unfortunately for me, he did not look like Sam.

Best wishes to you in your endeavors.

Hales said...

What a great interview and I used to watch Gladiator :) That is such a nice long list of accomplishments, thanks for sharing and I've read most of the books you've graced the cover on. Raeliksen is next.

Have a great one and thanks Renee what a treat. Have to dip off line now, on theraflu and the man just walked in and gave me the why are you ont he computer look!

Renee Vincent said...

the man just walked in and gave me the why are you ont he computer look!
I know that look all too often, Hales! Thanks for stopping by even though you are ill. Hope you feel better soon.

And for this comment: I've read most of the books you've graced the cover on. Raeliksen is next. I say, THANK YOU!!!

Amanda Forester said...

Hi Renee! Hi Sam!

Thanks Renee for letting me know it is THE Sam Bond on my cover (The Highlander's Heart). I'm so excited now!! Someday I would LOVE to have Sam sign my book. Any chance of that??

Thanks for a GREAT interview today. Can't wait to see what you have in store for tomorrow!

She said...

Nice interview. What's the hardest part of modeling? Do you think you'll continue modeling or do you plan to move on to acting or something else?

Sheri Fredricks said...

Hi Renee, hello to Sam.

I have a question for Sam: I see you love good food! Yay! But as a fellow fitness enthusiast, I'm curious if you follow a certain type diet (like I do).

Thanks for the cool interview!

Laurann Dohner said...

Hi Renee - awesome blog

Sam - You really should consider opening up a stock photo venture to sell more pics of you. I'm a visual writer, I see certain pictures and it motivates me to write books, and a picture is worth about 65,000 words to me. I bought a stock photo of you that I use in my website logo. I would love the opportunity to own more so please truly think about getting more photos out for us Romance authors. We don't just buy them for covers but for book trailers and I make screen shots for each book I write to help me SEE a character I'm writing. You sound like a terrific guy and I wish you a very bright future!

Gabrielle Lee said...

Great interview. Thank you for being so open and candid. It is always nice to get a glimpse at the real person behind the pictures.You have acomplished many a great things in your life so far and I wish you success in what ever else you do.
Do you plan on doing anymore modeling or book covers?

*yadkny* said...

Hi Sam & Renee!
Fantastic interview! It's so nice to meet the man with the face or body that has graced many beautiful covers!

Sam you seem to like traveling, so where would you like to go next?

Denise said...

I wrote a book with a main hero who ironically looks exactly like Sam. This was total coincidence because I've never seen/met Sam (highly unfortunate for me). Anyway, I've been working with a cover artist and Sam will be on the covers of my second and third books in my series. I'm so excited!

Then when you interviewed him, I was floored. He's such a kind guy, not arrogant when it would be easy to go that route looking as hot as he does. Thank you, Sam, for being so down-to-earth and putting yourself out there to represent the writer's work. It's a great gift to the reader to give them the perfect character on the book cover.

I'll be visiting your blog and look forward to learning where I might obtain additional pictures to use for a book cover. Do you ever find your way back to the US?

Wishing you both nothing but the very best,

Joni said...

Wonderful interview and great answers from Sam! Can one get the vapors from just looking at a gorgeous specimen? A shame Sam's taken...because I match the description of the kind of woman he likes...too bad I'm now a married Puma, though! But I could be his Cougar if I were to turn the clock back ten years! haha

Sam Bond said...

To Drea Becraft:
Luck or Destiny? Neither. I don’t believe there is such a thing as coincidence; what man thinks about, he brings about. Have you ever read or seen “The Secret”? It’s hard to describe it or pin it to any particular genre but it’s well worth a watch or read. We attract things into our lives and have the power to control the direction we take. So why can there be destiny and why shuld we consider all the good things in life lucky?

To Kris McConville:
Thank you for wishing me future success. I found myself in a career graveyard and the employment scene in England is grim right now. I thought now was a great time for Em and I to see somewhere we hadn’t yet seen and backpack for a period of time we might not have the luxury of having again. Though Em had actually seen Malaysia before as her father is from just outside KL. Actually he is Indian but grew up in KL (it’s a complicated family tree). I do actually have a memoir of my trip. Visit but please bear in mind, this site was built for family and friends so you don’t see too much glamour. Also bear in mind I hadn’t trained for 4 months. Doh.

To Sarah Hoss:
Happy Birthday. I don’t really consider myself a model but it’s great that these images have been used. I don’t really like the images in fact. I will still do bits and pieces like this but I doubt I will rely on it as an income. Just the other day actually I was asked to attend a casting for a commercial. I had told them I was out of shape after travelling but they didn’t seem to mind. I wasn’t successful but it was still fun dressing up as a Viking and wielding an axe.

To Christina Wolfer:
I would love two boys, maybe three. Simply so I can build tree houses, get dressed up as Robin Hood and play with wooden swords all over again.

To Elaina Lee:
There are loads of guys doing this surely. Check out a guy called Mike O’Hearn. Awesome physique.

To Sarah J. McNeal:
Retire? I’m not sure my generation and younger will ever have the luxury will we? My next adventure is returning to work. It’s proving quite a challenge to find a suitable role.

To The Viking Princess:
I cannot wait to see America. I want to see the whole place too – on a Harley Davidson naturally.

Sam Bond said...

To Cindy L:
I’m not really sincere; I steal all romantic ideas from the sides of cereal boxes and cheesy sitcoms. Ha. When Em lost her earrings I bought her another pair and hid them in a Christmas cracker. I asked her brother, since I was not there, to make sure she got that particular cracker. Out popped a little gift with a love note. Serious brownie points in front of the future In-Laws I can tell you. I have considered acting yes. It’s not something you can necessarily just do, I think it requires some training. A few agencies know of me and they keep me in mind for suitable roles. I recently asked to audition for the principle role in a series called Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I declined the offer as there was no way in hope I would have landed the role and I couldn’t take the day off work to confirm this. I’d give some small roles a go though –why not hey?

To Deanna Jewel:
I honestly have no idea who Sonny is but if I ever run into someone who fits the description, I will point him in your direction.

To Lizzie Walker:
Goodness that’s quite a question. What you’ve done is given me an essay to write like a university lecturer. I’ll try and keep it brief. No, I have no interest in cardio vascular endurance. I can improve my fitness beyond all normal limits using simply weights anyway and I find sitting on a bike or cross trainer really dull. I still can ride a bike in the great outdoors and do a few short sprints on an athletics track, but for me, lifting weights is the preferred means of exercise.

To Keri Ford:
Keri, have you asked me this before? Ha. You know my father was extremely hairy actually. I’ve inherited some of the genes but not all. My feet aren’t hairless but they don’t receive ay startled looks in the public swimming baths if that’s what you mean?

To Qwillia Rain:
I read Exercise Physiology for three years. Apologies for the confusion. I considered teaching, but over here the teachers cannot get away with much and it seems more crowd control than actually helping people learn.

To Kris Tualla:
I cannot think of any that might be suitable but check out my website and have a look for anything you like the look of. Then I will have a think if I know anyone that might have done a similar shoot that I can refer you to. It’s unlikely but you never know.

Sam Bond said...

To JoJo:
It’s simply flattering beyond belief but for the record, I cannot believe that me standing in front of a camera takes anywhere near the amount of talent, dedication and commitment that being an author does. I hope that if the book is bought, the reader appreciates the inside more than the cover. But it is flattering of course.

To BJ:
Is this an interview?

To Skhye:
Wow, your 5 year old daughter has asked questions that most other travellers would not. We were on Ko Lanta in Thailand (West Coast just off Phuket) and there was a sea gypsie village there. But a few years ago it had been destroyed in the tsunami so they had rebuilt modern houses and facilities. It was still quaint town though. Em and I boycotted the Padaung. I’m not sure they really want to be doing it any longer and if tourism is continuing the tradition simply for the revenue I have reservations about being part of it. Of course a counter argument is if they are doing it for revenue then we should at least support them. It’s a difficult situation. Ultimately, that day in Northern Thailand we decided to “hunt” waterfalls on a motorbike and headed in the other direction.

To Harlie Reader:
I hope to train for as long as I am enjoying it. I don’t mind when I stop so long as it is my decision and it is not forced.

To librarypat:
The photographer has the rights to use these images so I really don’t mind. I got what I needed from the shoot. Controlling imagery can be a minefield though you’re right.

To Becky J:
I enjoy a beer from time to time. If I want it, I will have it. When dieting for a contest, which I may do again later this year, I will abstain perhaps but otherwise I like to enjoy my food and drink. Who doesn’t?

To Lucy Felthouse:
If you plan to visit the area at all anytime soon, drop me a line before hand and tell me where you plan to go or what you’d like to see and I will see if I can recommend a nice place.

Sam Bond said...

To CJ:
I can only assume the head was chopped off because the shot wasn’t quite right for the book but the physique/pose was. I suppose if you have a greater variety of shots you might not need to do this as a designer. Although, maybe it’s something to do with it being a book. When you watch a film, you buy into the character in a completely different way to buying into a character in a book. In a film you are told who the character is and what he looks like with an actual image. In a book, it’s open to imagination and interpretation. Each person might have a slightly different idea of what Raeliksen looks like but everyone knows that the terminator looks like Arnie. I’m not comparing the two by the way. Just a thought.

To Witchy Woman:
I went to see a witch once. An extraordinary woman who could actually converse with her pet dogs and horses. I’m not very natural in front of a camera actually. But if I am working well with the artist behind the lens it tends to be easier than one might think. I don’t think having the cover model’s name on the book is necessary. The author is the real talent.

To Raine Delight:
You know I don’t think I have ever really received a valentine’s Day gift but last year Em made me a card. It sounds quite juvenile when I write it but she likes to make her cards and they are always wonderful. Believe it or not you have just reminded me it’s nearly the 14th and I still haven’t given it much thought. Dare I do the usual cliché? Or think of something myself?

Stephanie_C said...

Great interview! My boyfriend used to be a lifeguard and one day I'd love to write a book with a lifeguard hero. So, my question is, if I do, will you pose for the cover?!

Eliza Knight said...

Great answer Sam!!! I was chuckling at my computer, which got me a few funny stares! I can see where my question would cause you angst, and I hope I did cause you to go off of your current regimen! Thanks for the laugh :)

The Viking Princess said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions and sharing your vacation pic's with us. You and Emily make a beautiful couple. My favorite pic is you and Emily sitting by the waterfall cute:)

Carol L. said...

Hi Renee and Sam,
What a great interview. You seem like a very down to earth guy Sam. That's such a nice thing in a man. I'd say you and Emily are lucky to have each other. :)I wish you success in your career choice and much happiness. May I say you have a beautiful body... :)
Carol L

Donica Covey said...

AWESOME INTERVIEW! It sure seems as if Sam is a kind and generous man. I loved the earrings in the egg thing. He mentioned Emily lost them--this is not a slight against the earrings, I'm certain. I bet she loved them!

Renee, best of luck to you on this most recent release!

And Sam, heres hoping you find happiness and success in your future! Having a family is definitely the best thing to aspire for.

Hugs and all best wishes to you both!
Donica Covey

Sam Bond said...

To Stephanie_C
Best not wait too long, who knows how long I will look like this; I’ve just bought pack of cookies and I’m ready to feel guilty.

To Amanda Forester
I would be pleased to sign the book but it comes with a cheeky condition. Please email me through my website contact page at

To She(said
The hardest part of being in front of the camera for me is having achieveing a range of looks. You may have seen the film “Zoolander” with Ben Stiller? Well, most people do have a “Magnum” – that one look you always use for a photograph pose. I’m not talking about professional models necessarily but normal people – we all have that holiday snap pose. When doing work with the camera, it can be difficult to get a range of shots. You just have to be very relaxed in front of the camera and to try different things. It can feel very silly which is the challenge.

To Sheri Fredricks
If I am preparing for a bodybuilding show or photoshoot or similar, then I may gradually clean up the diet as time goes on. But otherwise I tend to keep it clean over the weekdays and then relax at the weekends.

To Laurann Dohner
Oh yes, there I am on the front page. Thank you. I will admit that my thoughts have wandered a few times to a place where I might possibly consider thinking about letting my imagination run wild and ponder doing a shoot for stock photography. But otherwise it’s never crossed my mind.

Sam to Joni
That’s quite a statement, Joni. You’ve used two big cat species in two sentences too. I would say that’s not very common. Perhaps you can help me. For some time I have wanted some sort of poster or book or chart of all the different types of big cats. I just like cats and would like to compare them on a daily basis. This sounds very strange I realise but do you by any chance know of such a place I can buy something like that? There was a rather informative website but I can’t pin that on the wall in the garage of place it on the book shelf.

Anonymous said...

Muscles, long hair, and a British accent?!? I'm definitely in love!

I actually have no question but am content to look and read. Good luck in your future and I hope you grace more covers, too.

Karen H in Florida

Skhye said...

Thanks, Mr. Bond! My daughter was way too tickled to have an answer. Her Monday class (taught by a cultural anthropologist) will love hearing all about your reply! :)


Anonymous said...

I just reread the requirements and you asked for my email address so you can contact me when I win (I'm trying positive thinking here). It's

Karen H in Florida

Rhianna said...

What a terrific and interesting twist on the book related interview. Thanks Renee and Sam!

So much to read here with all of the other comments and questions but somewhere in there I saw you mentioned an audition for Spartacus: Blood and Sand that you decided not to do Sam? Such a shame. :( I'm a big fan of the show. I've been quite impressed with the writing—I love the dialog
—but who can resist great fights and so many attractive people half-clad? I certainly think you have the physique for the role. :)

Since I'm quite certain most of the questions I'd have asked have been thoroughly covered already I'm curious if you yourself enjoy the show?

Anyhow, thank you for sharing your time with your "fans" and best wishes for what your future holds. :)

Sue Barr said...

Thank you, Renee & Sam, for this interview. It's hard to ask questions and not come across as a rabid fan that someone should run from. When I saw Sam's pictures, I had deja vu. He looks exactly like the hero in my book. I went all tingly there for a moment.
I'm impressed by Sam's committment to drug free body building. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to maintain that level of fitness.
Keep up the good work, both of you.

fredamans said...


I'm curious which job you love most and why? Modeling, being a Gladiator or Fitness?
Did you ever get hurt on Gladiators?

Thank you,


Renee Vincent said...

thank you so much ladies for all your comments and questions to Sam and for all your comments to me for this blog interview. I'm just so happy that I could share him with you...even though you know I'd like to hoard him all for myself.

*gasp* Did I just say that out loud?
Oh my....I've had this problem for a while now. My apologies.

Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks Renee and Sam! Glad to know the name of the hottie on the cover of my last book: For Women Only. You can see it here
Sam fits the character's looks and personality quite well. I cruised around the various sites, enjoyed the videos, comments, and interview. Thanks for putting this together Renee. Thank you too, Sam. Many blessings to you and your career.

Shaiha said...

I will contain myself to only one question though I have many more wandering around in my brain.

My question would be:

What originally sparked your interest in bodybuilding?

The Viking Princess said...

I sure hope some of the authors who have had Sam on their book covers send him copies. He could have them to show to family and friends. Those would be great to have on his bookshelf.

Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

:>( I didn't get my question awnsered... *pout* so I quess I'll ask a different one, maybe you will like this one, lol With everything that you do Sam and all the book covers, Do you ever think that you might write a book someday???


Sam Bond said...

To Rhianna
I’m not quite sure what show you are referring to, Rhianna. If you mean Spartacus, then the answer is yes. I do like those shows. There have been a few over the last few years like that and I do love sword fighting. Gore with swords is always entertaining for a man but I don’t really enjoy gore like you see in horror films. Horror fims such as Saw, or The Devils Rejects just aren’t for me.

To fredamans
They were all the same job really. I only did a few photoshoots (modelling) because I was on the Gladiators show and needed some nice shots for self promotoion and my website. I was training anyway which allowed me to be on the show and thus increased my profile on the fitness circuit and led to work within the industry such as magazine writing etc. So it all came hand in hand really. Some bits were fun and some bits became a chore. I found talk is cheap.

Gabrielle Lee said...

Great interview. Thank you for being so open and candid. It is always nice to get a glimpse at the real person behind the pictures.You have acomplished many a great things in your life so far and I wish you success in what ever else you do.
Do you plan on doing anymore modeling or book covers?

Sam Bond said...

To Shaiha
Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Digging a little deeper than that yoou could say that I've always been competitive and see strength as a macho-alpha male thing. Couldn't be further from the truth ey?

To Brandy B aka Brandlwyne
Apologies for missing your earlier question. Will I ever write a book? Funny you should say that, a spiritualist once told me thhat I would/should. Maybe one day but I can't see it being a novel - my writing style isn't THAT good.

Dawn said...

OMG ....and I thought Dwight Howard had the best looking arms & shoulders ever...Wow I think you win!!!!!

EdgesAngel23 said...

OOh I have another question!! I know I asked one already but this came to me!!
Sam do you have a place where fans who dont win this contest, can get an autographed pic? Like a fan store or something?? Just curious :)
And again I say: dang it!! why cant we grow men like you in Wisconsin?!!

EdgesAngel23 said...

Grrr forgot to post my email address on this one!!
Ashley A

EdgesAngel23 said...

Grrr!! My first question didn't post so here goes again: First off I just need to say, I saw Sam and my jaw hit the floor...they dont grow men like that in Wisconsin thats for sure!!!
My question for Sam is this: Have you ever been contacted by any sports entertainment agencies?? I know you were a Gladiator, but I just can't believe the WWE hasn't called!!
Also, that long hair on women being sexy--I think long hair on men is BEYOND sexy!!

Even if I dont win this contest, I'm just honored I got to drool over those hot pics!! :) (and I'm beign serious!)
Ashley A

Teresa K. said...

Great Interview,

Renee and Sam you both did a fantastic job. My question is for Sam.

Sam my son is trying to break into the business of doing covers for books. Do you have any advice to give him. He will be running for Mr. Romance at RT next year in New Orleans. So maybe this will get his foot in the door.

Thanks for this opportunity to ask you questions and for the contest.

tcwgrlup41 at

Sam Bond said...

To EdgesAngel23
3 of the lads on the Gladiators show are now in professional wrestling. 2 with the WWE and 1 with TNA. It would have been something I would have done if asked but I wasn’t prepared to risk life and limb in the rings here in the UK whilst waiting to be picked up a talent scout and working for little to no money. Otherwise the show didn’t lead anywhere like this for most of us. We had some fun doing it and that was that. Who knows what else might happen though.

Sam Bond said...

To Gabrielle Lee:
I'm so sorry I didn't reply to this email. Truthfully it's the question that has received most attention though. Renee and I have been chatting about this cover model work stuff and I've been giving it some thought. I wasn't planning on chasing any more work in this field (the media world that is) but had it in mind to always keep in touch with agencies just in case. Of course staying in shape (right now it's more like getting in shape) is something that is a main focus of mine simply as a hobbie and I jested only last month when returning from Bali on the plane with Em that I'd like to do a professional shoot with her in a years time when we are both happy with our physiques. Then of course the book covers came to my attention and planted the seed for further work. So to answer your question and cut the waffling before it goes too far, yes, I am considering another shoot (or more) to get some imagery suitable for book covers. But there is a lot to think about and plan should I agree it's a good idea.